About Andishe Sabz-e-Ehsan Languages Institute

The foundation stone of the institute was laid in 2001 and launched its training, education, research, cultural activities and public services in 2002 with several branches in most of the cities in west Azarbaijan.

Success Stories
- Teaching English to all ages,
- French to adults.
- Graphics.
- Trainings in acting and film making.
- Performing plays in English and Persian.
- Producing short movies.

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Why study with Andishe Sabz-e-Ehsan Language Institute?


- امتحان فاینال شعبه دانشکده، خواهران و برادران 28 شهریور ماه

- امتحان فاینال شعبه آپادانا، خواهران چهارشنبه 26 شهریور و برادران پنج شنبه 27 شهریور ماه

- اعلام نتایج و ثبت نام هر دو شعبه 1 و 2 مهر ماه

- تعیین سطح  شعبه دانشکده 3 مهر و شعبه آپادانا 2 مهر ماه

- شروع ترم پاییز هر دو شعبه خواهران 5 مهر ماه و برادران 6 مهر

- The results of language contest


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